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At Proctor Power Washing, we understand that maintaining your property in good shape and keeping it clean is important, and that is why we want to keep it that way. We want to help boost your home’s beauty and value. Our pressure washing services can easily and quickly help eliminate algae, mold, grime, and any organic debris on your property. 

We are the best option for you whether you need us to clean walkways, paint stains from a deck, leaving shiny and sparkling windows and fences. Our pressure washing service is the best way to quickly and efficiently clean the surfaces of your home without damaging them.

What Surfaces Can We Pressure Wash?

Before we jump on to why you should choose us, you must know what kind of surfaces our pressure washing services can be effective at. Pressure washers are useful for cleaning any exterior surface of your property with grease, plant residue, organic debris, etc. Overall our pressure washing services will help you protect the value of your property and will also help it look stunning. 


Decks And Patios

Over time, algae, mold, and mildew are common to start to build up all over your patio and deck. Especially if your patio is in a shady area, where there is not enough sunlight hitting, whether you have a wooden deck or perhaps a recycled composite deck, you can opt for our pressure washing services to remove all the grime and stains. 



At Proctor Power Washing, we understand the importance of having an impeccable entryway because entryways make the first impression on your family and guests. If not maintained well, you will notice black drip marks or chalky white substances appearing on your concrete. If your entryway is brick or concrete, our pressure washing services can be a great solution.


Walls & Sidings 

Since the walls and sidings of your property are constantly exposed to natural elements, they are bound to show signs of damage. If they aren’t checked and attended to quickly, it can create problems in the long-term for the structural integrity of your home. Our pressure washing services can easily remove any dirt quickly and effectively. 


Why Choose Us?

  • We are trustworthy
  • We are professionals
  • We are cost-effective
  • We are Efficient
  • We are Reliable


You may be tempted to pressure wash your own home, but the truth is that you can do more harm than good. If you damage the structural integrity of your home, it will be costly, frustrating, and a time-consuming endeavor. 

Not to mention that most pressure washers cost $100 per day to rent. You will not only pay for that but also spend gas and time traveling to the rental location, standing in line, getting the machine, refueling, and returning it by the deadline. However, if you hire us, we assure you you will be 100% satisfied with the results, not to mention we will give you a personalized service with a special offer depending on your needs.


Get The Best Residential Pressure Washing Services In Newburgh, IN

At Proctor Power Washing, we care about our customers and the well-being of their properties; that is why we offer premium pressure washing cleaning services in Newburgh, IN. We guarantee our team of experts will do an excellent job because they are highly experienced and equipped with the right tools and skills. Call us now and let us bring the shine and spark to your property; we’ll leave like brand new!

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