Reasons To Clean Your Roof Before

The Winter Season


Winter is just around the corner, and many homeowners are preparing their homes for the change in weather that’s to come. One crucial step in this process is having your roof cleaned and prepared for winter. If not, algae could potentially start eating away part of your shingles. 


Your roof should be free of debris, snow, leaves, dirt, or anything else that could potentially damage it during the cold months ahead. Professionals should also inspect your roof before any snow falls so you can spot any potential problems before they happen.


Benefits Of Cleaning Your Roof

The benefits of cleaning up your roof are numerous: 

  • You’ll reduce the risk of leaks from accumulating water weight 
  • You’ll avoid having ice-damming issues because there will be nothing on top of your shingles
  • You’ll avoid algae from building up, potentially eating away the limestone that makes up part of your shingles
  • Reduce the overall risk of damage to your roof
  • Reduce the chance of pests getting into your roof during the winter.


Algae and mold can cause allergic reactions and other health issues, so their removal from any part of your home is always a good idea. Aside from getting rid of the algae, proper maintenance of your roof will increase its longevity, saving you money in the long run. Roof replacement is costly compared to the cost of roof cleaning.  


Also, keep in mind that if you don’t do it this year, you’ll have to wait until next spring before having your roof cleaned, which in turn could lead to a few other issues.


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