Pressure Washing 101: How Often

You Should Do It 

A house is considered one of the most important places. That’s why house washing should be a top priority to protect your valuable investment. Also, your home’s appearance reflects part of yourself as a person. That’s why having a house with dirt accumulation from construction projects, paint renovations, or even dust isn’t a great way to maintain your property in pristine conditions.  


Therefore, you should consider pressure washing to get your house cleaned. Pressure washing your house is a must if you want to keep it looking new and fresh. However, many people don’t know how often they should do house washing in Evansville. Today, you’ll learn about it in detail below!


Why It’s Recommended To Power Wash A House Once A Year

It’s recommended to pressure wash a home at least once a year because doing so can help you prevent countless problems. For example, if the outside of your house is left dirty for too long, it’ll hurt its value when you decide to put it on the market or sell it. 


It’s also recommended to do this before winter arrives. Leaving dirt and moss build up over the summer months could cause water damage that may become visible during colder weather.


Pressure washing a house Will Depend on Some factors.

If you decide to pressure wash your house, it’s recommended to do it once a year. However, it can depend on multiple different factors, such as: 


  • Individual preference:  Some people pressure wash their house once every two years. If you’re one of those people, it’s important to ensure that your pressure washing method is effective.


  • Climate: This will also impact how often you should wash your house. If it rains a lot, or if you live in a very windy place, you might want to wash your house more frequently.


  • Size of the house: The size of your house will also impact how often you should pressure wash it. If you have a bigger house, there’s more roof and siding to be washed. This process can take more time and effort, so you might want to pressure wash your house once a year.


  • Time of the year:  Some people prefer to pressure wash their house in the winter. It’s because fewer leaves and other natural elements could get caught up in the gutter.


Rely On The Best Cleaner in Indiana.

If you want to power wash your house, you should hire a trusted Indiana power wash company. At Proctor Power Washing, we use the latest technology to power wash your home and give it a professional, clean look. You’ll be surprised at how good your house will look after it’s power washed.





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