Did You Know You Should Pressure

Wash Your Fence Before Staining

Yes, you read correctly; you have to pressure wash your fence before staining. Your fence needs to be free of dirt and debris so the stain can hold better onto the wood. Pressure washing will ensure that any loose or flimsy pieces on your fence are removed, making your staining task easier. If you want to know more about the benefits of pressure washing your fence before staining, keep reading.

What Happens If You Don’t Pressure Wash Your Fence Beforehand?

 Pressure washing your fence is always a good idea before staining it, and here’s why. If you don’t pressure wash your fence before staining, the new color will not penetrate the wood since it will just sit on top of the old finish. The new stain will most likely peel off the wood and possibly look less appealing than before. Furthermore, if you don’t pressure wash your fence before staining it, you’ll notice far more flaws and undesirable marks in the wood.

Find Out The Most Important Advantages Of Pressure Washing Your Fence

Increase Your Home Value

When you pressure-wash your fence, it will appear brand new instantly. Your fence will seem brand new when you clean it thoroughly and apply a new coat of stain. This can result in a large boost to your property’s value.

If you intend to put your house on the market shortly, make sure you take action to improve its curb appeal. You can make your property more aesthetically appealing with the help of professional fence washing services.

It Preserves The Fence’s Appearance

Most folks often see wood as a dirty material. However, it’s a fact that regular cleaning can help preserve its look for years to come. The power washer’s nozzle has enough power to eliminate built-up soil, moss, and mold growing on the fence panels. Pressure washing your fence is essential because it allows you to keep your wood looking new for as long as possible.

It Provides Great Maintenance

Frequent pressure washing can ensure that your wooden posts and railings don’t split or crack in the future. UV rays and weathering can speed up the process of oxidation, which will eventually weaken these structures. As a result, it allows water to seep into the wood and cause it to deteriorate even further. Power washing every two months is an excellent idea if you want to ensure that your fence lasts.

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