Power Washing VS Pressure Washing

Are you trying to decide between power washing and pressure washing? Most of the time, you as a homeowner have to make decisions that apparently look like easy decisions. Still, the truth is that it is more difficult than you think. In this article, we want to show you some information that will help you to make the right decision.

Water Temperature: the Main Difference

The most important difference between power washing and pressure washing is heat. The power washing machine uses heated water, while the water in a pressure washer is not heated. The main benefit of heated water in a power washing is that it feels most clear to clean spaces with grime, mildew, salt, and grease. 

The heated water makes it easier when cleaning surfaces, the same as washing your hands or doing dishes. Because of its ability to easily wash spaces, it is a better option for jobs where surfaces are soiled because it handles the warmer spray. We recommend it for surfaces, like concrete and cement, that won’t be harmed by power washing.

Pressure Washing Requires Insurance

It is a great idea to take out business insurance; most small business owners do this. Business owners in the pressure washer industry are not the exception. These companies get customized pressure washing insurance that protects them and you from some specific risks they might face, for example: 

  • Injuries
  • Damage or theft of their equipment
  • Accidental property damage

Ensuring that the company you hire for this job has this type of insurance will help you save a lot of money if one of the situations described above happens. 

The Best Power Washing Company In Evansville, IN

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