Fence Cleaning in Newburgh, IN

If your fence is looking worn, weathered, or covered in dirt and grime, at Proctor Power Washing we have the solution to restore its beauty and vitality. Our specialized fence power washing techniques can breathe new life into your property’s perimeter, leaving your fence looking fresh, clean, and rejuvenated. Don’t let a dull or dirty fence detract from the beauty of your property any longer. Trust our professionals in Newburgh, IN to deliver exceptional results.

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Fence Cleaning

If you’re on the ‘fence’ trying to figure out if you should have Proctor Power Washing pressure wash / fence cleaning or power wash then perhaps reading this will help point you in the right direction. The terms are often used interchangeably, however, there is a difference. While the cleaning methods are similar, there is a distinction. When we power wash your fence, we use hot water. When pressure washing, we can water at different temperatures to achieve our goal. Pressure washing is best for surface dirt but if you have a fence with a lot of mold, or ground-in dirt then you’ll likely want us to power wash your fence.


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Efficient Pressure or Power Washing

No matter what we decide to use to clean your fence, you can be sure that we’ll get it clean again. Proctor Power Washing offers the most thorough and efficient pressure washing services in Evansville. We begin by evaluating the situation to determine which type of cleaning will be best suited to your needs. If too much pressure or power is used then it could damage your fence. This is why it is important to rely on someone with the proven experience to paint your fence.


Professional Service Provider

As a professional power washing service, what matters the most is that we have someone who can administer the services that you need in an effective way. If you’re trying to figure out which service provider is best suited to meet your needs then there is no one better suited for the job than the best Indiana power wash company, Proctor Power Washing. We have received the training that is needed to effectively maneuver the power washing and pressure washing equipment that we use to clan fences. Knowing which one is best is the job of a qualified professional.


person cleaning fence. fence cleaning service. Proctor Power Washing

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Can my vinyl fence be power washed?”

Yes, we can power wash or pressure wash your vinyl fence. It is a very practical and efficient method of getting rid of the dirt that has accumulated on your fence.

“Can my wooden fence be pressure washed?”

Yes, we can also pressure wash your wooden fence. When we do, we use a lower PSA so that the wood is not damaged.

“Should I have my fence pressure washed before I have it painted?”

Yes, this would be recommended since it will remove any visible dirt on the fence. This will prevent the dirt from being painted into the fence.

Our Affordable Pressure Wash Fence Cleaning

Stop looking for a fence cleaning company. At Proctor Power Washing  you may not know just how affordable it can be to have your fence cleaned until you contact us to get a quote. Even if the quote that you hear is still too much for you; let us provide you with another quote based on your budget. We are happy to work with anyone who wants our services by also working with their budget. You name the price and we’ll let you know to what extent we are willing to perform the work. If you want affordable fence cleaning services then rely on us.


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