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Sometimes, graffiti can be considered art. However, it can also be seen as an act of vandalism. So, depending on what type of property the graffiti is, there are times when it needs to be removed. Proctor Power Washing specializes in graffiti removal in Evansville, IN.

It can be unsightly and even damaging if you have graffiti on your property. Our graffiti removal service is a delicate process that requires the right equipment and expertise. Proctor Power Washing has the experience and knowledge to safely and effectively remove graffiti from your home or office without causing any damage.

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Why You Should Remove Graffiti Right Away

There are many reasons you may need graffiti removal services. Maybe you have graffiti on your business affecting your bottom line. Or, perhaps you’ve recently been the victim of graffiti vandalism, and you want to take action right away.

No matter the reason, it’s important to remove graffiti as soon as possible. The longer it stays, the more difficult it becomes to remove. Therefore, if left untreated, graffiti can cause significant damage to your property.

At Proctor Power Washing, we know how to remove spray paint from concrete,  metal, stone, brick, and other surfaces. We work with the right equipment to handle any graffiti removal job, no matter how big or small.

How Is The Process?

We start by assessing the graffiti and the surface it’s on. Then, we determine the best method according to the surface. This may involve using special chemicals or solvents, power washing, or both.

Once we’ve determined the best method, we remove the graffiti. Our team is experienced and will work quickly and efficiently to remove it and restore your property to its original condition.

Why Should You Trust Proctor Power Washing?

Proctor Power Washing is the leading graffiti removal company in Evansville, IN. We’ve been in the power washing business for many years and have removed graffiti for residential and commercial customers.

We’re also fully insured for your protection. So, if there’s any damage to your property during the graffiti removal process, you can rest assured that you’re covered.

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