8 Steps to Winterizing Your House:

Power Washing Tips


Winter is the time of year when homeowners want to get their house in tip-top shape for the cold months ahead. One way to prepare your property for winter is by power washing it before any snow or ice accumulates on its exterior. Many benefits can be gained from power washing during this time of year, but there are also some disadvantages you need to consider before beginning the project. 


To assist you in making an educated choice regarding whether or not to power wash your home throughout the winter, we have created a list of 8 common sense tips that will offer you peace of mind and keep things running smoothly throughout the season.


1: Check the Weather Forecast

The first step in winterizing your house is checking the weather forecast. Make sure there is no chance of precipitation in the near future, as this will only complicate matters and make the job take longer than it needs to. 


In addition, if temperatures are expected to drop below freezing point overnight, it is best to postpone power washing until warmer weather arrives. Freezing temperatures can cause damage to both property and equipment.


2: Dress Appropriately

When power washing during winter, always dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Wear clothing that will keep you warm and protect you from wind and moisture. It is also a good idea to wear gloves, a hat, and boots to keep your feet warm and dry.


3: Keep an Eye on the Wind Direction

Power washing during winter means dealing with colder temperatures, so always check to see where the wind is blowing before beginning the job. 


You should either wait until conditions improve or take another route around your property that keeps you out of the direct path of the wind without having to move equipment too much. 


When power washing during winter, be sure not to stand directly downwind from your hose since it might freeze up quickly once exposed to cold air currents. 


4: Start at One End of Your Property and Work Toward The Other

When power washing during winter, make sure you start by cleaning the end of your property nearest where you are standing since this area should not take too long to complete. Once everything has dried out in that section, move on to the other end while keeping an eye on wind conditions so you can avoid moving equipment across wet surfaces again if necessary. 


5: Be Prepared for Mistakes and Deal with Them Quickly

Power washing during winter means dealing with colder temperatures which can affect equipment functionality if it is not used correctly. If a hose freezes up or water supply lines get blocked because of ice buildup, make sure you have tools at hand to resolve the situation quickly. 


Remember that frozen hoses need to thaw out slowly over time instead of being gradually heated from the inside by running hot water through them since this could cause internal damage leading to leaks.


6: Shut Off Outdoor Faucets and Drain the Hose

If you will not be using your power washing equipment for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to shut off outdoor faucets and drain the hose. This will help prevent any water from freezing up and causing damage to fixtures or hoses. 


7: Use Sufficient Detergent During Winter

When power washing during winter, it is essential to use a sufficient detergent to break up any ice or dirt buildup. This will help ensure that the surfaces being cleaned are adequately lubricated and make it easier for the water jets to do their job. In general, you should use twice as much detergent when power washing during winter as you would normally use in warmer weather conditions.


8: Let Surfaces Dry Thoroughly before Moving On

After completing each section while power washing during winter, allow all surfaces to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next area. This could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on weather conditions. 


Hire the Professional Help You Need

Although you can power wash your house during the winter season, it’s better to leave it to professionals like Proctor Power Washing. Proctor Power Washing is a professional Indiana power wash company specializing in total cleaning solutions for the exterior of your property. 

If someone knows how to power wash a house during the winter season, that’s us. With our highly-trained team, tools, equipment, and knowledge, you can rest assured that we provide the best house washing in Evansville, IN.


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