4 Reasons To Get Gutter Cleaning in

Evansville, IN Before Winter


Winter is right around the corner, and many homeowners neglect to think about gutter cleaning before winter arrives. If you don’t want your gutters to freeze or clog up with leaves, now is an excellent time to start thinking about this important task. 


By having your gutters professionally cleaned, not only would you be ensuring that the job gets well done, but also, companies usually have some warranty in case something does go wrong. The following article will discuss 4 reasons why it’s so critical for homes in cold climates to clean their gutters before winter comes.


1) Gutters Will Help Prevent Ice Damming 

When the temperatures plunge and winter sets in, it can be tempting to leave your gutter cleaning for later. However, if you don’t clean them now before snowfall begins, you could face several issues during the cold season, such as ice damming or overflowing gutters, leading to water leaking into homes and causing water damage.


2) Preventing Water From Getting Into The House 

When snow and ice start to accumulate in your gutters during the winter months, it can eventually block water from flowing through them. When this happens, it’s only a matter of time before they overflow or burst under pressure, leading to severe damage inside homes – especially ones with older roofs that aren’t correctly sealed.


3) Help Reduce Risks Of Frozen Pipes Or Burst Pipes 

During the winter, any type of home maintenance is essential. Over recent years, there have been countless cases where homeowners have lost their entire homes due to burst water pipes that freeze during cold weather conditions. 


This usually happens when an old pipe isn’t insulated correctly or has become worn down over time and may leak once temperatures drop below freezing point.


4) Protects Against Mold Or Mildew Growth On Exterior Walls 

During the winter months, moisture build-up can also occur on exterior walls due to condensation that forms when cold air meets warm. If you don’t clean your gutters or regularly maintain them throughout autumn, this could lead to mold growth, which is a serious health hazard for homeowners and their families.


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