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Whenever you have surfaces around your home that require power washing, contact Proctor Power Washing. It can be very difficult to remove stains from the exterior of your house, but we offer you a solution with our power washing services. Hiring our reputable exterior cleaning services will enable you to completely get rid of those stubborn stains that are affecting your home’s value and curb appeal.

If you are not already familiar with our cleaning services, then you should be because we offer our customers great value for their money. Since we have widely invested in the best power washing equipment, you can expect to receive the best quality of services. As experienced professionals, we know how to effectively handle the power washing equipment to achieve what we need to do.


Learn What Our Customers Say About Us:

“Hired Lance to washed our house, roof and deck. He and his crew did an awesome job. They made everything SO easy. He made sure that we were happy with everything before he left and made sure that if we had any questions or concerns that we would call him. I HIGHLY recommend Proctor Power Washing.”

– Kim Walker-Bowling (Facebook Verified Review)

“These guys know what thier doing very impressed with thier work and also you can’t beat the price! highly recommend!”

– Adam David Luigs (Facebook Verified Review)

“Lance just finished cleaning our rental property and we were very impressed with his work . He was prompt pleasant and did a very professional job! I would highly recommend him to any one who needs any kind of power washing done! Siding-roof- sidewalk-driveway to decks. Proctor Power Washing LLC does them all! Thanks Lance!!”

– Mark A. Miller (Facebook Verified Review)

“Proctor Power washing did a great job on our house. Everything that should be white is bright white again. Our brick side walk and patio no longer look stained and dirty.”

– Nicole Britt Snyder (Facebook Verified Review)

“Proctor Power Washing did a AWESOME job!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of service. Lance went above and beyond to make sure our house, gutters and sidewalks were perfect!! Thank you Proctor Power Washing for your great work!!!”

– Keith Herrenbruck

“Lance did an awesome job power washing our house! Highly recommend them for all power washing! will use them again!”

– Ryan Resenbeck (Facebook Verified Review)

“Lance did an amazing job. The roof looks like new. The driveway landscape timbers & deck looks amazing . He also was the best price of all the quotes.”

– Jeff Locker (Facebook Verified Review)

“Great experience. Very professional, very thorough! Everything looks so much nicer. Thank you!!”

– Shenae Moore Rowe (Facebook Verified Review)

“Hired Proctor Power Wash to clean my driveway, sidewalk, patio and deck. Proctor Power Washing exceeded my expectations in their attention to detail, timing of the project, results of the finished cleaning, and the can do attitude of the technician. He made sure I was completely satisfied with the results of the cleaning. I felt very pleased that this company not only did a fantastic cleaning job BUT strives to make sure the customer is completely satisfied !!! STRONGLY recommend this company.”

– Bobby Herndon (Facebook Verified Review)

“I hated driving up to my driveway because it was full of stains that I couldn’t get rid of. I tried everything that was recommended to me at the hardware store but nothing ever worked. Finally, I contacted Proctor Power Washing in Evansville and they gave me the help that I needed. I’m so glad that I called them and that is why I’m recommending their services. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with their work too”

– Arnold T.

“There was something growing on our roof and I didn’t think there was anything that I could do about it. However, someone told me that we should call Proctor Power Washing. When we contact them, they immediately came to provide us with the services that we needed. I would recommend their services because they gave us exactly what we were looking for, results.”

– Terry J.

About Proctor Power Washing

We are a locally-owned power washing company in Evansville, IN, with a team of experienced technicians to help with your power and pressure washing needs. As a reputable and reliable exterior cleaning service provider, we welcome the chance to earn your business.

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We use the most effective power washing and pressure washing equipment to clean those areas of your home that you find it difficult to clean yourself. When you want someone with the proven ability to produce the results that you are looking for, rely on the best Evansville, IN power washing service in town, Proctor Power Washing. Once you see the results of our efforts, we’re sure you’ll be so satisfied that you’ll want us to clean other areas of your house.


Both power washing and pressure washing achieve the same things but in different ways. When you want to get certain surfaces of your house clean, it may require pressure washing. Our experts know what should be pressure washed rather than power washed, which is why you should rely on us to handle the job. When needing pressure washing in Evansville, IN, you know who to call.


Not everything can be power washed. There are some things that require soft washing. If you attempt to power wash something that should be soft washed then you could ruin it. Don’t take such unnecessary chances when we are prepared to provide you with the soft washing that you need to achieve a lasting clean.


Cleaning your roof may not be as easy as you think it is. However, with our soft washing equipment, it would be easy for us to effectively and safely wash your roof for you. Don’t take the chance of standing on a ladder to clean your roof; call on Proctor Power Washing instead.


Cleaning concrete surfaces can be a pain when nothing that you try seems to work. If you have tried everything that you can to get those stubborn stains off of your concrete then it may be necessary to leave it in our hands to do. With the right type of solution and our power washing equipment, we’ll have the problem taken care of in no time.


Too much pressure can damage your roof and gutters but with the right amount of pressure, we can effectively and thoroughly clean your gutters. We offer efficient and affordable gutter cleaning in Evansville, IN. Don’t risk the possibility of falling off a ladder while attempting to clean your roof when this is something we are prepared to handle for you at Proctor Power Washing.


Believe it or not, you can’t pressure wash every type of fence. When you need fence cleaning, Evansville, IN has one place that you can turn to for your fence cleaning needs, Proctor Power Washing. We are the preferred fence cleaning service in the city, which is why many homeowners rely on us to clean his or her fence.


We find it easy to clean hard surfaces, such as concrete with our proven effective non-organic stain removal products. When we apply a product to these surfaces, you’re sure to receive the results that you are looking for.


If your home has lost its appeal because its appearance has diminished over the years then perhaps it is time to contact us so that we can do something about it. If you have organic or non-organic stains that have adversely affected the appearance of your home, our power washing services will prove beneficial in removing these stains. Call us for a free quote today.


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